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These pages serve as the main information repository for all Senior and Cadet members of the Lafayette Composite Squadron. Information which applies to all members will be listed here. Information specific to a subject area or your membership class can be accessed through the page menu. 


Required Training:

All Members must complete Equal Opportunity, OPSEC Training and Safety Training.

  1. Equal Opportunity Training (EO); Delivery of this training is online and is different for Seniors and Cadets. Please access the main page for your membership type in this page menu for further information.
  2. Operational Security (OPSEC) This training is delivered in-house during a meeting twice a year. 
  3. Safety Training; Safety training is typically completed online, though classes may be held during meetings that count towards safety testing. Safety currency is tracked through eServices and requires that members have completed a safety training module within the previous 60 days. Safety training is recurrent and should be completed monthly through the Axis Learning Management System or the older Learning Management System in eServices.

Next Steps:

Members will now move on to training as follows

  • Cadets: Progress through the Cadet Program, details on the Cadet members page.
  • Seniors: Progress through Professional Development, detailed on the Senior members page.
  • All: Optionally advance your training in Emergency Services, further information can be found on the ES page.
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