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First Uniform

The first expense after joining CAP will be procuring your first uniform. The ABU uniform is the best choice because it is the most used, and the cheapest to maintain. The graphic and prices listed below are current as of 23-DEC-2019 through Because many Cadets are growing fast we encourage our families to shop around. Many of these items can be located at a surplus store or through many online retailers. Items marked with * should only be purchased through Vanguard, to maintain uniformity.

T-shirt, tan $   8.35
ABU Cap, flat top $ 10.40
ABU Shirt $ 31.50
Indiana Wing CAP Patch $   2.40
Embroidered Name Tape (Last name only) $   4.50
Embroidered CAP Tape $   1.60
Khaki Nylon Rigger Belt $ 7.80
ABU Pants $ 31.50
Trouser Blousers - khaki $ 2.60
Boots $ 101.10


Boots do not have to be the ones listed here. Black leather hiking boot / uniform boots work as well. Please shop around for the best fit. Cadets grow fast, spend your money wisely.

** Look at Vanguard mil on Facebook. They frequently offer coupons for money off total purchase.

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