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Mission: Aerospace Education

One of CAP's primary missions is Aerospace Education. The Lafayette Composite Squadron has an active AE program which includes O-Rides, classes and hands-on learning.

Affectionately known as O-Rides, all Cadet members of the Civil Air Patrol are eligible for 5 rides in a powered aircraft, 5 rides in a glider and an unlimited number of rides as a backseat passenger before the age of 19.

An annual squadron tradition is a trip to Wright-Patterson AFB at the end of the year. Cadets and Senior Members alike explore the museum and interactive aviation exhibits.

The Aerospace Education program strives to connect theoretical education with real-world application. Center: Cadets learn about the lifting capabilities of lighter-than-air envelopes. Left & Right: the Civil Air Patrol's own hot-air-balloon gave squadron members a hands-on application of it's operations.

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